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For siding on your home that will last for years to come, we're here to service you.

As an expert siding contractor in the greater Chicago area with 20 years of experience, Allied Roofing Services is proud to offer services for all your siding project needs.

Whether there is storm damage to your siding or normal wear and tear, we are available for residential siding jobs of any size.

We offer a wide array of name-brand siding products so that we can use the perfect materials to fit the siding on your house. In addition to our siding installation and repair experience, we are a team of roofing experts that will take your roofing structure and appearance into consideration when making suggestions for your home’s siding.

Avoid contractors offering cookie-cutter services and get the customization and tailored recommendations for your individual home needs with Allied Roofing Services.

Renowned as leading craftsmen, we are knowledgeable about many architectural styles. This means that no matter if your home is traditional in style or contemporary, we personalize the experience for you so that you are 100% satisfied with the results of your home siding.

Whether you are undergoing a home remodeling project or new home construction, we serve everyone from homeowners of smaller residential spaces to palatial multi-million dollar homes.

Some of the most common types of siding projects we service involve vinyl siding and cement composite siding, also known as fiber-cement siding.

Fiber-cement siding offers many benefits to homeowners who want to achieve the look of more traditional siding materials but want to minimize the amount of maintenance required to protect their home. Fiber-cement siding is typically slightly more expensive than vinyl siding, but in the long run it usually pays for itself in reduced ongoing maintenance costs. With its steady resistance to natural hazards such as wind, fire, rain and pests, this is a practical option chosen by many homeowners. With the levels of humidity that the Chicago area experiences year-round, fiber-cement siding installation is a prime choice.

Vinyl siding technology has been honed over the years to develop this quality, affordable siding option many homeowners have to come to love. Vinyl siding offers the luxury of resistance to UV degradation and typically doesn’t require paint jobs. This material has been engineered to resist the elements, making it a durable option for homeowners living in areas that experience harsh weather conditions and prolific populations of pests.

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