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Allied Roofing Services provides roof installation services for commercial contractors in the greater Chicago area.

When you hire a subcontractor to work on your client’s new project, we know that the quality of our work reflects your reputation.

With OSHA-trained workers and CertainTeed Certified Master Shinglers, Allied Roofing Services makes the perfect partner for any commercial roofing installation project.

At Allied Roofing Services, it is our team’s policy to always show up to the job on time, maintain professional communication and work in an efficient manner to meet your commercial project goals.

We are highly skilled in liquid-applied seamless flat roofing systems, and we can also accommodate any projects requiring roof deck installation. We know flat roofing products from the inside out.

We have provided descriptions below of the flat roofing services available to you as a commercial client of Allied Roofing Services:

  • EPDM: A rubber material, usually black in color and has a highly successful track record. This material has fantastic longevity and is very economical.
  • PVC flat roofing: A single ply membrane, this white thermoplastic material features heat welded seams and is relatively cost-effective to install. Although it is economical, this material is typically not as economical as TPO.
  • TPO: A single ply membrane, this white thermoplastic material features heat welded seams and is also generally economical to install, oftentimes more economical than PVC.
  • Membrane Roofing: Membrane roofs are most regularly created from synthetic rubber, thermoplastic (PVC or similar material), or modified bitumen (“torch down”).
  • Modified Bitumen: This type of roofing is an evolution of asphalt roofing. It is created from asphalt and a variety of modifiers and solvents. There are several ways of connecting pieces of this material. In a heat-application process, the seams are heated to melt the asphalt together and create a seal. Additionally, there is a cold-applied adhesive application process involved with installation.

In addition to working with flat roofing systems and cement composite shingling, we also work with specialty roofing such as slate roofing, tile roofing, green roofing, copper roofing and other decorative metal roofing. No matter your commercial roofing needs, our team is well-rounded in the roofing trade and will fit the bill for your high expectations in a subcontractor.

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